No one wants to hear that they have rodent in the home. And in many cases, you may not even realize you need rodent control. However, if you do have wildlife invaders, it’s vital that you get the pros involved to have them removed because they can spread disease and do expensive damage to your home. Here are a few ways to know if you need rodent control.

#1: You Notice the Signs of Rodent Invaders

You don’t always have to see the skunk or mouse to know that they are there. There are signs that can alert you that there is a problem. Strange sounds coming from your attic or wall, forced entryways that have been gnawed through, droppings in kitchen cabinets or in walls, and compromised dry food are all signs that you need to call in rodent control. If you notice any signs that alert you that you have an invader, don’t hesitate to call rodent control professionals.

#2: You’ve Just Moved into a Home That’s Been Vacant

Even if you haven’t seen any rodents in your new home, if it has been vacant for months before you moved in, you should have it completely inspected. Rodents often go to crawl spaces and in attics that aren’t noisy, occupied by family pets, and have been vacant for some time. Before you find yourself face to face with a mouse or rat in your new home, let the professionals do a thorough inspection.

#3: There’s Been a Pest Problem in the Area

Whether there are woods being cleared in your area or you have noticed rodent control specialists at neighboring houses, it may be in your best interest to have the experts come to your home as well. There could be a situation that you don’t realize is happening bringing them to your area, so staying proactive can protect your home.

#4: You’ve Seen a Rodent

And of course, if you see a mouse or other rodent in your home, don’t hesitate to call for rodent control. One rodent alerts you that there are many hiding in places that you can’t see. The sooner you call in rodent control, the faster you’ll get the situation resolved and prevent it from spreading even further.

Get in touch with a rodent control specialist today to learn more about your options and to have an inspection completed.