It’s a human problem as old as civilization, and yet few things cast as much fear and repulsion into the hearts of Houston homeowners than the sneaking suspicion they have a rodent infestation. Over the years you’ve heard of other city residents asking neighbors anxiously how to get of rid mice, or yeesh, even worse…rats. At that point, you shook your head in pity and scurried away yourself, afraid the infliction was contagious.

Your own nightmare might start simply with the noise of scrambling at night. “It must be acorns rolling off the roof,” you tell yourself. Or perhaps you start to see small black droppings in and around the cupboards. “When did I spill small oblong raisins?” you wonder. Then things really start to escalate. Someone in your family chewed a hole in the sugar, but no one is owning up to it. The Internet goes out even though the router is plugged in. How is it possible to break the internet? It doesn’t immediately cross your mind that rodents constantly gnaw on wires and drywall and anything on which they can sharpen their incisors.

Once the idea starts to slip in, you can’t stop its horrifying force. The outlet that goes out in the kitchen, the noises like things falling within the walls, the small black droppings around that hole in the sugar. They are getting bold now: tugging on the trash bags while you’re still in the room, always able to scurry away before you can spot them. Don’t wait for visual confirmation. Call Omega Animal Removal in Houston immediately to assuage your doubts and put an end to the suffering. There is no one better suited to solve a Houston rodent removal problem than our experienced, efficient Rodent Control Specialists.

How to Get Rid of Mice and Other Rodents

Don’t hesitate to call in a professional as soon as you suspect unwelcome guests rummaging around your attic and crawlspace. Not only does the problem escalate quickly over time, with a rat birthrate of up to 6-8 times a year. Typical infestations range from about 8-12 rodents. While these creatures are known for urinating and defecating near your food supplies, they are most dangerous to homeowners for their gnawing habits. Any Rat Control Specialist will tell you, one of the most common causes of house fires is exposed wires, a direct result of rodents chewing through the plastic covering and copper. It is often the root cause of broken outlets and dysfunctional appliances.

Many homeowners will to attempt to solve rampant rodent problems with traps and DIY methods. These can sometimes be effective in catching one or two rats, but the pheromone trails left by rodents entering and exiting your home easily lead other animals directly to the nesting point if not taken care of in addition to the creatures themselves. They also rarely curb the entire infestation, as rodents are highly suspicious and will avoid anything new to the environment. Our Rodent Control Specialists are trained in the biological behavior of mice and rats and are efficient in setting traps to be the most effective as well as tracking and manipulating living patterns.

Call Omega Animal Removal directly at 832-728-0758 to help us help you discover how to get rid of rats in the most efficient, effective manner possible. All of our services come with a Lifetime Guarantee that assures our customers they will never again have to deal with the frustration of a Houston rat control problem as long as they live or work in that home or commercial building.