This Dallas squirrel removal tale begins with two humble characters and their fantasy of a well-deserved vacation. JoAnne and Jared had spent many a tedious Dallas office afternoon dreaming of sun-bleached days on a warm beach with a cool margarita in their hands, and finally saved up to treat themselves to an all-inclusive week in The Bahamas.

As will happen every now and again with dreams long anticipated, the reality paled somewhat in comparison with the ideal. While the margaritas were cool and refreshing, JoAnne found that the condensation rendered her hand sopping wet and made it difficult to turn the pages of her carefully-chosen beach read. Jared discovered the unpleasant sensation of finding sand in the most unexpected places, such as his dress shoes, his face towel and his wallet. While they appreciated the comfortable warmth of the Bahamian sun, they missed the promise of widespread air conditioning, and suddenly remembered that their Dallas porch was warmed with yearlong sunshine, and their blender was fully capable of deliciously melding lime juice, tequila and ice. And so it was with eager anticipation that they waited at the Nassau airport for their flight home to Dallas, full of stories to make their colleagues wild with jealousy, while secretly dreaming anew of their perfectly firm bed and moon-dappled Texas silence, free of noisy ocean waves.

Little did they know, the distant ocean roar would soon be replaced by thumping, scratching and squealing coming from above and around their attempted slumber. While JoAnne and Jared had been shaking the sand from their magazines and coverups, several unexpected guests were reveling in the ready-made shelter of their Dallas home, and the cloud of squirrel control loomed in the distance.

JoAnne and Jared breathed a sigh of relief upon re-entering their comfortable home, when all of a sudden, a subtle thump startled them—and it wasn’t the gentle hum of the air conditioner. Looking at one another in surprise, they wordlessly agreed to pretend it was a pine cone falling on the roof from the large tree in their yard. As the days, passed, however, the noises grew more and more persistent and finally the hassled couple agreed it was time to do something.

Luckily for JoAnne and Jared, they had the number one Dallas squirrel removal company in their relative backyard. After a quick call to Omega Animal Removal, the next day a squirrel control expert was able to inform them that several squirrels had made a home of their own in the attic, and over time the damage had become formidable. They had set up a latrine to relieve themselves and chewed through the rafters, roofline and various wires. These highly territorial rodents make squirrel removal difficult, but with Omega Animals’s four step process and Lifetime Guarantee, JoAnne and Jared knew they could rest easy within a few short days.

After evaluating the extent of the issue, trapping and removing all animals humanely, excluding the possibility of reentry with metal based proofing, and decontaminating and repairing the widespread damage, Omega Animal Removal waved goodbye to JoAnne and Jared forever. You can find them on their porch year round, blessing the best Dallas squirrel control company in the industry, watching these critters play at a comfortable distance in their backyard and cheersing freshly made margaritas, knowing their Dallas home is now a fortress against unwanted guests and unnecessary vacations.