Omega Animal Removal is bringing our nationwide animal control expertise to California, taking charge of Orange County and Los Angeles rodent removal. Our experienced professionals are highly trained in animal behavior, an added element that has given our services a cutting edge in Texas and earned Omega Animal Removal the best in the business for animal control and removal.

If you are wondering how to get rid of rodents, chances are you recognized some of the telling signs of unwanted guests inhabiting your attic or walls. It can sometimes be difficult to tell which species you are dealing with, and homemade remedies are ill-advised when you are not sure what you are doing. Preventative measures are always useful, such as keeping foods tightly lidded and making certain nooks and crannies to the outside are sealed.

When it comes to handling a rat infestation , however, it’s best to call in the professionals. While traps purchased at your local hardware store might help you to remove a mouse here and there, they often alert the sneaky pests to danger without compensating for pheromone trails leading directly into your home and nesting areas. Infestations typically amount to about 8-12 rodents, and with the rapid reproductive habits of mice and rats, the situation can quickly get out of hand.

Though people don’t tend to admit it, Los Angeles rodent removal is a highly common issue as it is in all urban centers. As long as humans have lived in close proximity, mice have been around to pick up the scraps. Don’t wait to call Omega Animal Removal to handle your rat or mouse issue. Mice can slip into homes through hairline cracks smaller than a dime, and these can be difficult to recognize without the proper training. Our professionals are experts in finding and sealing all possible entry points as well as trapping and removing the animals and cleaning up the pheromone trails to make sure your home does not suffer from repeated infestations.

Our process is completed in four easy steps:

  1. A consultation and inspection of the property is scheduled to determine the scale of the issue.
  2. We follow up immediately with the trapping and removal of the species plaguing you in the most efficient and humane manner possible.
  3. Next, all areas of possible rodent entrance are sealed, complete with the matching of the paint of your home so the covered cracks and holes are indistinguishable from the exterior and interior. These access points tend to be found near the roofline and foundation.
  4. Finally, we clean and decontaminate your entire home making sure you don’t have any other pests sniffing their way back inside.

Omega Animal Removal is so confident in our practices we offer a Lifetime Guarantee to all of our customers– yet another reason why we are the favorite in the animal control industry. Let our Texas reputation speak for itself as we move our expertise to handle your local needs in Los Angeles and Orange County rodent removal.

Los Angeles residents can call us at 949-338-8501 and Orange County residents can reach us 818-839-2520 if you recognize any mousy evidence in your home or office building.