News of recent coyote attacks in the Los Angeles and Orange County area abound as previously wild territories are increasingly becoming zoning sites for new housing lots. Coyotes have never been particularly frightened or disturbed by human proximity. They are a relative of the dangerous gray wolf, though much more prevalent in Southern California. They may avoid human contact in general, but they are not skittish around human development. In October of this year, a 3-year-old boy and his 31-year-old father were attacked by a coyote while playing in their garden in Orange County. The father said a neighbor had yelled coyote, but that he assumed they were talking about the problem generally. The father and son were hospitalized and in recovery mode while animal control workers followed the tracks of the coyote to prevent further attacks.

Only last month, as a meeting regarding the rampant coyote problem in Los Angeles was wrapping up, a woman’s small dog was attacked by a coyote hiding beneath a parked car. Experts have said the problem is too large to be curbed with efforts such as hazing or scare tactics. The police have employed the use of paintball guns to frighten the animals from coming near civilization, but behavioral strategists say coyotes have a single track mind, and when they are used to searching for food in a certain area, they are easily habituated to their surroundings.

Coyotes tend to be less than frightened of human proximity and because of this sightings are fairly common. If you see or hear coyotes on your property, don’t hesitate to reach out to Omega Animal Removal, the premier animal control company in the industry. We specialize in coyote removal, originating in Dallas where the problem is similarly aggressive. Our superior removal specialists are trained in coyote behavior and tracking.

It’s important to take precautions in the face of the heightened attacks, especially as the winter months make coyotes more urgent in their search for food. Avoid keeping pet food outside as this attracts them, as do small animals, children and pets. Carry a loud device, such as a horn and something with which to defend yourself when walking outdoors or in parks. Most importantly, call Omega Animal Removal immediately when you spot a coyote or hear news of one in your area. Coyote removal is our specialty and we are happy to be bringing our Texas expertise to the Los Angeles and Orange County area.