The need to discover how to get rid of mice is increasingly relevant to the California state area. Remember that disease you read about as a kid in social studies that wiped out two-thirds of Europe’s population, killing 25 million people? Well it isn’t mere history any longer. The Bubonic Plague is back. According to a recent story on CNN, the teenage girl with the Bubonic Plague in Oregon has been hospitalized and is recovering in the ICU in Crook County. Officials suspect that she contracted the disease during a hunting trip in early October, likely from an infected flea.

Known as the Black Death in the 6th century for its tendency to enter blood circulation and turn limbs black, the plague is spread to humans from fleas which contract the bacteria from infected rodents such as rats, chipmunks and squirrels. It occurs most commonly in rural and semi-rural areas of the United States, almost exclusively in the south west and west coastal regions–we’re looking at you Los Angeles and the rest of California, meaning rodent removal has adopted a renewed urgency in these parts of the country. The symptoms occur typically a few days to a week after exposure to the bacteria. It can feel like the flu, with dizziness, headaches, fever, nausea and vomiting. The main indicators are swollen lymph nodes.

The plague has significantly declined in places with easy access to antibiotics, lowering the death rate from 60-90% to 16% today. This doesn’t mean we have eradicated the bacteria, only managed to quell its rapid spread. It is important to be cautious about rodent infestations in order to prevent contact with the disease. Many homeowners can be unaware of the proximity of rodents living on their property or within their walls and attic. Mice have a quiet reputation for a reason. Learn how to recognize the signs or call for a consultation with Omega Animal Removal to benefit from our California rodent control services.

Omega is now proudly serving the California area, bringing our expert services from Texas where we are known as the premier company for animal control and removal. Cases of the plague since 1970 tend to center around California, New Mexico, Utah, and Nevada. This recent outbreak in Oregon is less than five hours from the California border and calls to attention the flea infestations that often accompany rodents in your home or on your property. It’s important to keep your family safe and take preventative measures. Avoid contact with dead rodents under any circumstances, including mice, rats and squirrels. Most importantly, make sure your home is free from rodent infestation.

Omega Animal Removal is now the most trusted name California animal control. Don’t hesitate to call Omega if you are searching for how to get rid of mice, squirrels or other rodents on your property. Common signs include noises of scurrying or scratching at night, oblong droppings about the size of a pencil point, urine patches or holes in sealed food containers. Don’t bring your family in proximity with this historic disease—call Omega Animal Removal today for a consultation. All of our customers benefit from our unique Lifetime Guarantee, ensuring you never have to worry about repeated infestations and can rest easy and Bubonic Plague-free for the rest of your days.