Rodent control is a problem rampant in any urban center and no stranger to the Dallas area. For as long as people have lived in close proximity, rats have made themselves comfortable in the hidden spaces of human homes. As one of the most feared and destructive home invaders, rats wreak havoc by chewing through almost any material, whether it’s wood, insulation or wire. The latter is one of the most prolific causes of house fires, with exposed copper sparking in dry places. Rodent control is made difficult because rats are highly skittish and frequently take up residence in attics, lofts, crawl spaces, walls and storage areas.

Rats can squeeze through spaces smaller than a nickel, and it is difficult for the untrained eye to recognize where rodents enter or exit a building. On the contrary, it is easy as pie for other rats to find their way into your home through existing nooks and crannies, as rats leave pheromone trails everywhere they go. This makes DIY rat control largely ineffective once an infestation has taken hold of your home. Rats are suspicious of anything new in their environment, which is why strategic placement of traps is essential to avoid alerting them to removal attempts. Even if a homeowner is successful in trapping and removing all rodents from their home, failure to close each and every nook and cranny used as an entrance leaves the home susceptible to repeated infestations as rats sniff their way to a deserted nest.

Omega Animal Removal is the most trusted name in Dallas rodent control and removal, with a four step process unparalleled in the industry. The Dallas Observer recently brought attention to our superior services, calling out the age old problem of rat infestations in cities and remarking how rats depend on human activity as highly intelligent and opportunistic scavengers. Our quick and effective process includes the following simple steps:

  1. Evaluation of the property—we start with the exterior of the home, identifying all points of entry along the base and roofline of the home, then moving inside to discover the nesting site(s) and extent of the damage.
  2. Trapping and removal—our experienced technician will then set traps for strategic rat control, removing all animals in the most humane way possible. Their training includes a biological understanding of rat behavior, which makes our trapping the most efficient in the business.
  3. Exclusion—one of the more important steps in our process, exclusion includes the sealing of all entrance points with high grade metal materials that are impossible for rodents to chew through. This eliminates the prospect of future rat infestations and comes with Omega’s one of a kind Lifetime Guarantee against repeated rodent problems.
  4. Decontamination and damage repair—superior rat control also requires that our customers benefit from a return to better than new homes, with full cleansing and repair from decontamination of urine-soaked insulation, to metal-proofed holes re-painted in the home’s original color to be nearly unrecognizable.

Rats cause widespread damage and reproduce rapidly, so don’t hesitate to call Omega Animal Removal as soon as you suspect you may be the victim of an unwanted infestation! Whether you are concerned about your personal residence or looking for commercial solutions, we are on your side.