Bees produce the only edible sweet substance in the world that never goes bad. Honey is a golden miracle, yet production is dropping along with bee populations across the world. While scientists are unsure exactly what is causing the massive eradication of the planet’s bees, it’s clear that humane treatment of these small, diligent workers is essential. Nonetheless, having a beehive on your property can be troublesome, causing widespread anxiety among humans and pets, damaging homes and office buildings and raising health concerns.

People often try to solve bee infestation problems on their own, using store bought chemicals and sprays. This is highly unadvisable. It is near impossible to determine the species of bee you are dealing with, an essential element to successful removal. Dallas residents have been guilty of using wasp spray on bees, which does little but aggravate the problem. Using pesticides is also harmful for human residents. It is environmentally obtuse to attempt to remove a bee population with chemical solutions. Beehives contain pheromones that latch onto whatever structure the hive has been attached. This means that full removal of soffits or replacement of wood is often necessary to keep future bee populations from finding your home or office structure an attractive place to set up shop.

Omega Animal Removal uses humane and environmentally conscious methods of bee control that is unparalleled in the Dallas bee removal business. Depending on the species of bee, the population can be more or less dangerous. Africanized honeybees are not more venomous than other bee species, but their systemized and prolonged manner of attack makes them a greater threat to humans and pets. They will follow their victim for a longer distance and their alarm radius is much wider than the European honeybee, for example.

Bee swarms occur when a bee population is thriving and several worker bees and a new queen split off in order to create a new hive. Bees swarm temporarily while searching for an appropriate hive location, and these temporary nesting sites are less dangerous as they don’t have young bees or larvae to protect. Each of these species and hive types are difficult to distinguish between without the appropriate training, so be sure to call Omega Animal Removal as soon as you suspect you have a bee population problem on your hands.

Our bee removal process is comprehensive and so certain are we, that Omega provides a Lifetime Guarantee with all bee removal operations. Once you make the call, we begin with an evaluation to determine the species we are dealing with, then we carefully remove the entire population. Our third step is one of the most important, as we prevent future infestations by performing our exclusion process, removing all parts of the property that have been touched by wax and pheromones. Finally, we repair the damage to your home or office, making sure we leave your space better than new. Call Omega Animal Removal today for your direct consultation with the best Dallas bee removal company in the business.